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There's no home
Like no home

[Scene: Ancient Japan. Two Samurai are on IRC.]
Samu1   You know, we should make a Usenet group
        for our warlord.
Samu2   Yes, I think that would bring him much honour.
Binky   H3Y WH3R3 4R3 4LL TH3 CH1CKS?!?!?!? 1RC 1S K3WL.
Samu1   Sigh...
Thus was born alt.fan.warlord. Also of note, a someone nicknamed 'Binky' met a rather untimely demise.

[Ceci n'est pas un pipe] Nosy Parker! You had to do it, didn't you? You had to look for it, blood, sweat, tears, the works, and now you found it - congratulations. Big deal, I might add. Ah well. So this is it. My personal homepage. I guess you expect some sort of egotrip here - me bragging about me being this incredibly interesting, kind, intelligent, handsome, caring, creative person, one whose acquantance is a thing to be carefully cherished, to be proud to tell your offspring's offspring of.

[Ceci n'est pas un pipe] Alas. Nothing like that. Although I am including a not-too-sucky picture in which I appear, since I do feel a tad more weakharted (or less mean-spirited, if you prefer) than usual right now. There. I bet I'll live to regret this. Apart from that, there's nothing much to be found here, I'm afraid (well, not afraid, actually)... except maybe for the following tidbits:

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